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Terms and Conditions

1. By clicking or navigating the domain and its subdomain (henceforth the application), and its corresponding content, the user agrees to the usage of the website in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

2. The application holds the right to change, limit, or abandon the usage of the survey at any and all time.

3. Users can use our application to participate in our surveys. A secure user authentication is performed with Facebook, Twitter or Gmail APIs. By filling out a survey the user accepts to share with us the following information:

  1. Answers to all the questions in the survey
  2. Facebook or Twitter information as follows:
    • Anonymous Facebook or Twitter ID of the user (only public data, nothing private)
    • List of anonymous identifiers of Facebook or Twitter friends or Twitter followers which are also using the survey
    • The redirect link – telling us from which webpage the user came to the survey
  3. No Google user data is shared with us. We use the secure Gmail API (link) only for a secure user authentication when a user enters our application.

4. The information regarding the Facebook or Twitter profile of the user is being transferred via the secure official Facebook API (link) and the secure official Twitter API (link)

5. All users can freely share their data from the survey if they want to.

6. All statistics and information on our website are only informative and Oraclum does not hold any responsibility for any consequences from misinterpretation.

7. Oraclum is strictly non-partisan and holds no prior ideological position on any issue. The results of the survey need not correspond to actual preferences, so they should be interpreted with caution.

8. The users are prompted to accept a privacy policy regulating data collection and processing prior entering the application as well as each individual survey within the application. The details on this procedure are described in the Privacy Policy.