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Privacy Policy

1. The website/app (hereafter website/app) has been developed and maintained by the data science company Oraclum Intelligence Systems Ltd (hereafter Oraclum), situated at 23 Arnold Close, Hauxton, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB225FN. The website/app is used by Oraclum for conducting online surveys.

2. By using the website/app and its corresponding content, the user agrees to the usage of the website in accordance with its Terms and Conditions listed on the website/app’s entry page and to the Privacy Policy described in this document.

3. Oraclum takes very seriously the European General Data Protection Regulation2016/679 (hereafter GDPR) and it applies this regulation to all data collected by the website/app, regardless of the geographical origin of the survey participants. Therefore, a user cannot enter the website/app nor each individual survey without explicitly accepting the specific privacy policies.

4. The specific privacy policies detail what kind of personal data is processed and for which purpose, how and by whom the personal data are processed when a person decides to participate in the survey, who stores the data and how a user can request removal of his/her data. A specific privacy policy must be administered for each survey separately because the surveys differ in their scope and design.

5. When entering the website/app, a user is authenticated through the official FacebookAPI, Twitter API or Gmail API. Thanks to these authentication APIs, users enter the website/app anonymously by default as the APIs provide anonymized identities, and not the real identity of users.

6. Additional anonymous data are collected through Facebook API and Twitter API, but not from Gmail API. The website/app’s Terms and Conditions describe the procedure for this data collection. The users are explicitly asked for permission for this data collection.

7. To remove any possible concern regarding the personal identity that might appear on the side of users not trusting the Facebook, Twitter or Gmail API, Oraclum further encrypts the received anonymous IDs so that there are at least two degrees of separation to get to any identification information about the survey participant. To conclude – no one, not even our staff, is able to uncover the real person’s identity because we receive anonymous data and we further encrypt it. This keeps the personal data collected in the survey anonymous.

8. By exception, identification data is sometimes collected only for the specific piece of information whose disclosure is optional to the survey participants. In such situations the users will be explicitly asked to approve collection of each specific piece of information before the information is collected. This personal information is not transferred to any third party and it is also encrypted in the Oraclum database. This personal information is not used for any purpose other than what is explicitly written in the privacy policy accepted by the user.

9. The online surveys are conducted on a server that belongs to Oraclum and it is entirely configured by Oraclum. No third parties have access to the back-end framework or to the collected data. Handling of the anonymized data after the end of each survey is described in the specific privacy policy accepted by the user when entering the survey.

10. The website uses cookies when running a survey in order to provide a better and safer user experience. By accepting the privacy policy when entering the website, the user agrees to allow us to use cookies.

11. The individual survey responses as well as the information from the users’ Facebook or Twitter profile will not be visible to other users of the website. The user’s friends using the website can only see the aggregate votes of their Facebook or Twitter friends and only if they have also filled out the survey. No user of the survey has any information how and which one of his friends has answered the survey.

12. The aggregate Leaderboard of the survey will be publicly available, however each individual can choose whether to feature on the Leaderboard anonymously or with his or her public username.